A lot of us drive with stuff hanging from our rearview mirrors but is it technically legal for you to do in Illinois?

There are some weird driving laws we don't even think of. Some of them we follow, some we inherently don't. For example, eating while you're driving can be considered illegal. Another one of those is hanging stuff from our rearview mirrors. That includes air fresheners, handicap tags, or those (let's be honest, tacky) fuzzy dice.


Sometimes, like with handicap tags, the rearview mirror accessories aren't optional. I have a parking pass that just always hangs from my rearview mirror because I have to have it.

Can You Legally Have Rearview Mirror Accessories In Illinois?

Just a few months ago, you would have gotten a different answer. Up until this year, it was illegal for you hang stuff from your rearview mirror because it could allegedly distract your vision. Police could stop you and write a ticket if they spotted your rearview-hanging air freshener, which is what did happen to Daunte Wright, who was killed in a traffic stop for it, according to My Stateline.

But in June, according to Central Illinois Proud, Governor Pritzker signed into law a bill that prevents police from stopping and searching cars if they see something hanging from the rearview mirror.

So if you want to hang your graduation tassel, air freshener, or even the tacky fuzzy dice on your rearview mirror, as of this summer in Illinois, you're clear to do so.

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