You've definitely seen people take up multiple parking spaces but is it legal?

If I'm out and about somewhere and I'm searching for a parking spot, I don't mind looking a bit extra if the car taking up like 2 or 3 spots is something large. A trailer, giant van or truck, something that clearly can't fit into one spot. What I can't stand is if it's a normal size car like mine that clearly just had a lazy driver who didn't care to correct themselves and get back into the lines.


It's frustrating to encounter, especially if it's a packed parking ramp or parking lot. But is it actually illegal to do?

Here's Where You Could Get In Trouble For It

On Davenport roadways, you can only double park (tandem park) in a residential situation. City code says:

Tandem parking is permitted, but both spaces must be allotted to the same dwelling unit and located on the same lot as the dwelling.

Other than that, the double parking is a real quick no. Des Moines says something similar and that could incur you a fine:

No vehicle shall be parked which is not entirely within the limits of the space adjacent to the parking meter or appropriate signage.

But what about a mall or grocery store parking lot? It's a different game there since not every parking lot is totally city-owned. The business can choose to enforce or ticket you for such buffoonery if they want to.

Iowa's parking laws basically just require that you don't park anywhere that would make you a pain in the butt. If I ever miss the lines, I'll take like 15 seconds, restart the car, and back it up to repark it. Not that difficult to do.

In summation: don't be that obnoxious person and park like this if you clearly don't have to.

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If you do choose to park like this, know that everyone who walks by your car does not have a good preliminary opinion of your character.

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