I made a trip to Walmart last week, and witnessed something pretty strange, even for Walmart. (Side note: I don't make a habit of going there, but it was the only store open that early in the morning.) Anyway, as I was parking my car, I noticed a woman near me doing a really bad job of straightening out her own parking job. After a couple of unsuccessful attempts, I watched in amazement as she turned her car off and nonchalantly proceeded to walk into the store while her car was clearly parked diagonally across two parking spaces.

I looked over at some teenagers sitting adjacent to me in their car, who also witnessed the woman parking. Their jaws were both dropped. You always see pictures of bad parking jobs, but to witness someone do it right in front of you, with such a casual attitude about inconveniencing others is kind of jarring. The fact that it was a spot so close to the store also made me more irritated.

The whole incident was so weird to me that I just knew I had to document it. I am definitely not trying to shame anyone, but I do think that you need to reevaluate your driving skills if you think that this is an acceptable parking job. This has to take the cake as the worst parking job I have seen since I've lived in the Quad Cities.

Exhibit A:

Another angle:

Front view. I love that the Walmart sign is in the background of this one...