The sun has been shining and it's time to make your skin feel spring and summer ready. This week is free spray tan week at all Sun Tan City locations, along with great deals to get you feeling good!

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If you're feeling like you're still in your winter skin, it's time to get ready for summer time during free spray tan week at Sun Tan City locations throughout the Quad Cities! Free spray tan week started on Monday, March 1st, but don't worry, you have plenty of time to get your free spray tan. Free spray tan week goes on the rest of this week and through Sunday.

At all Quad Cities Sun Tan City locations you can stop in and get yourself a free spray tan. And anyone can get a free spray tan. By anyone, I mean members and nonmembers. The free spray tans are only valid for the light or medium options, but don't forget, your skin hasn't seen sun for awhile so light or medium will still do the trick!

Also going on during free spray tan week, if you make a purchase at any Sun Tan City in the QC, you'll get a free gift! That gift could be a Sun Tan City t-shirt, blanket, pint glasses, or koozie!

To celebrate free spray tan week, I (Connor Kenney) will be broadcasting live at the Sun Tan City off of Utica Ridge Road. I'll be there on tomorrow (Thursday, March 4th) from 3-5 p.m.

While I am at the Sun Tan City on Utica tomorrow from 3-5 p.m., they will have 40% off all lotions!

Come celebrate free spray tan week and join me, Connor Kenney, tomorrow at Sun Tan City, 4905 Utica Ridge Rd Davenport · In Coventry Place with B100!

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