Have you gone to get your pumpkins yet? I am going tonight to get one. Cant wait for some roasted pumpkin seeds.

What makes the perfect pumpkin? I like round, and fat with little to no blemishes. Makes for cutting a Jack-o-lantern easy. I normally go with just a normal pumpkin face, but it seems pumpkin carving is more like a spectator sport anymore. It's kinda cool to see come of the creativity.

Did you know growing pumpkins competitively is a thing? According to KWQC, a farmer in Idaho holds the worlds record for the largest pumpkin grown ever. His award winning pumpkin weighs 1,000 pounds! That's a lot of pumpkin pies...and roasted pumpkin seeds. The seeds are the important part. The seeds from this pumpkin are valuable.

How about a clip from my favorite Halloween TV special? Happy Halloween.

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