Normally, Java Station on Main in Davenport can do no wrong for me. I mean, after all, they have CANDY BAR drinks, which I am definitely all for. But as I was scrolling through my Facebook feed the other day, I happened to notice Java Station shared a photo of this crazy blue concoction:

I hate to say it, but I was slightly grossed out by the 'Gone Fishin' drink. I love me a vanilla bean frappe, and even though I don't consume energy drinks myself, I guess I can respect those who do. The color weirds me out a lot, but even more so than the bright blueness of the drink, I am horrified by the Swedish Fish on top. Yes, I know, if I ever wanted one, I could order it without the fish, but that would kind of defeat the name of the drink. But my goodness, Swedish Fish do not belong with my refreshments. EVER.

That being said, I love Java Station, and I will continue to despite the fact that I am horrified by this particular menu item. I have to give the coffee shop points for creativity, I suppose. And even though I would never order this particular item, I'm sure there are many that would enjoy it. Rant over.

Now, what I can get behind is the fact that they just introduced some new food items- Jumbo Salted Turtle Cookies and Cinnablossoms (really tasty looking cinnamon rolls). Yum!

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