As someone who says "Jif" when describing a moving picture I get called out a lot. People always saying Jif is Peanut butter, Gif is the moving picture. This debate has been going on for years and now the debate is on again as this new promotion sets in.

The J.M. Smucker Company, which makes Jif, has teamed up with Giphy to release a special jar of Jif peanut butter that replaces the classic Jif branding on the label with “Gif.”Jif peanut butter has joined the team that thinks the pronunciation while GIF should be said with a hard “g.”

According to The Verge The idea seems to be that the special edition jar should be placed next to a normal jar of Jif. This is a great marketing idea, getting those causal fans and those collectors out there.

It does make sense for GIF to be said with a hard “g.” After all GIF stands for “Graphics Interchange Format,” and “graphics” has a hard “g” sound, so that should translate to the GIF acronym, but I will always stand by the soft "g." My family and I may say it wrong to many, but we stand by it.

Obviously it shouldn't be taken that seriously, this debate is more fun than anything else, and this genius marketing is again just for fun! I'll never change the way I say it, just to make my friends mad, and have the fun same debate as we always have. How do you pronounce it?

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