The one thing I was told I must do when I was in Vegas for an awards show.

April didn't bring showers for me. It brought me Las Vegas. This was my 2nd year attending the Academy of Country Music Awards (ACMs) and I got my pop fill, alright. Even the Backstreet Boys performed the finale. Oh yes, it was a great time.

But even after all the Backstreet Boys and Florida-Georgia Line I could handle, I got pretty hungry after dancing and singing the whole time. Heels, dressy-dress and all, the one place I knew I had to try, was In N Out Burger.  Yes, I know. I hear your gasps. Even though it is so not on the menu of what I normally eat, I decided to 'eat on the wild side' and try it.

I made lasting friends in restaurant #86 in Las Vegas that night.  The staff and I took selfies, I managed to embarrass my sister and my niece, I think a prostitute was also an In N Out 'virgin' as she referred to us, I got a kiss on the cheek from her and realized Las Vegas may not have quite been ready for me. I loved every bite and minute of it.

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