It's the last few weeks of the holiday season meaning you may be looking for a last second gift, stocking stuffer, or something else. I have your chance to win the perfect gift. It's a pass for a free instant inclusive tan from Sun tan city!


Not only is this a great gift, or gift add on for your friends and family, it's also free! So if you know someone who would love this you could be hooking them up, or you can always treat yourself and put it to personal use this holiday season. Once you win it's up to you!

You have five times a week to win these passes. You can win with '4 for the Quad Cities.' This is when JT plays the four most requested songs of the day. Anyone can request Their favorite songs through the free B100 app, or through other b100 social media.

Winning is simple:

Each week day at 4pm as JT plays the four most requested songs of the day, listen to those songs and then all you have to do is be the lucky caller, name the 4 songs that played and you win!

We here at B100 with Sun Tan City are ready to help you or anyone on your gift list look great every weekday at 4pm with '4 for the Quad Cities'!

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