The second season of “Solar Opposites” is out on Hulu, and while it is not their biggest show, it has a cult following. I am one of those followers, but if you’re a fan of the show you’re not really there for the main plot (though it is great) it’s all about the C plot and the shrunken people in the wall.

The first season introduced us to a fun cast of aliens that were similar to Rick and Morty, so many fans were happy with the idea. The thing that set this show apart from just being a basic cut and paste in my eyes is their C plot. One of the aliens shrinks people he doesn’t like to the size of an ant and puts them in a huge collection of aquariums that he has hidden in his wall.

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Now I call this a C plot because at first that’s what the show makes it seem like, but the writers clearly know that this concept is crazy, and that we would like to see it, so they let this C plot slowly take over. I for one prefer this small people plot line more than the whacky alien adventures, even though both are fun.


We are now are onto season two and I personally think the main plot and aliens are even better than season one, but the small people plot line has a much slower start than the first season. Thankfully the C plot really gets going with a murder mystery, and call back to the tragic stories from the first season. I find myself not only wanting to know what’s happening with the small people, but the main alien cast as well.

Yet I still find myself caring the most about the "The Wall" aka the structure the alien put them in.

Overall, season two does a great job finding out what their fans want to see. there are a few slow moments, but over all it is fun and I give it a solid 7.5/10.

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