With all the seasonal Fall treats out right now, it's not often you see a new food come out that isn't somehow pumpkin spice flavored. But Kellogg's cereal is going against the grain!

Their latest creation is unicorn cereal. It's got a natural "Magic Cupcake" flavor to it, and is brightly colored, much like the unicorn on the box. So of course, I had to try it. How could I pass up a chance at natural magic!

I'd sort of hoped it would turn me into a unicorn, but unfortunately that didn't happen. What did happen was even weirder. Check it out in the video below:

To anyone who's ever wondered what a dog's life is like: it's very confusing. Walking on four legs is surprisingly difficult.

In all seriousness, the cereal is actually pretty good! It tastes pretty similar to Froot Loops, just with more sugar. In small doses, it's delicious and your kids will probably love it. You can find it now at the Hy-Vee on Kimberly Rd. in Davenport.

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