If you've driven North on Brady Street recently, you may have noticed that something seems different. Davenport coffee shop Coffee Hound recently changed it's name to The Coffee Revolution. According to their Facebook page, the change was made after Coffee Hound in Bettendorf asked the Brady Street shop to franchise, and they decided to decline.

The logo for the shop is one of the major changes to the brand. While Coffee Hound featured a cute puppy picture in their design, The Coffee Revolution has a bear as their main image, with the slogan "Let's Revolt" featured underneath.

To go along with their new look, The Coffee Revolution has added a couple of new drinks to their menu, including the Cocoa Puffs Frappe and Monster energy drinks. Most of the drinks that were available at Coffee Hound can still be ordered. Here is the updated menu:

It seems as though the shop is really putting forth an effort to revamp their image. I was surprised by the new name, but as long as the coffee stays just as good, I don't think it will turn people away.

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