If you have plans to participate in one of the biggest events in Iowa this summer, you only have a short amount of time to sign up.

The Register's Annual Great Bicycle Ride Across Iowa (RAGBRAI) is celebrating its 50th ride across Iowa. This year, it ends in Davenport, IA on the same day of the 49th running of the Bix 7. If you want to ride a bike instead of running this year, you have until mid-May to be officially registered.

RAGBRAI Registration Ends In May

According to a social media post by the City of Davenport, registration for RAGBRAI L ends on May 15th.

Not only is this iconic event celebrating its 50th ride, but RAGBRAI every year includes fun stops along the way that have live entertainment, food, fun, and a chance to explore towns and cities throughout Iowa.

Before it's too late, register now for RAGBRAI L here. 

Where does RAGBRAI 2023 start and end?

Photo courtesy of Ryan McVay, Getty Images
Photo courtesy of Ryan McVay, Getty Images

The 50th RAGBRAI will begin with tires being dipped in the Missouri River in Sioux City, IA during the RAGBRAI Expo on July 22nd. The ride will end with bicyclists dipping their tires in the Mississippi River in Davenport, IA on July 29th.

These are the overnight stops for the 50th RAGBRAI which begins on Saturday, July 22nd

  • Start - Sioux City
    • RAGBRAI Expo
  • Day 1 - Storm Lake
    • 77 miles
    • 3,504-foot climb
  • Day 2 - Carroll
    • 62 miles
    • 1,818-foot climb
  • Day 3 - Ames
    • 83 miles
    • 1,479-foot climb
  • Day 4 - Des Moines
    • 50 miles
    • 1,216-foot climb
  • Day 5 - Tama-Toledo
    • 82 miles
    • 3,652-foot climb
  • Day 6 - Coralville
    • 80 miles
    • 3,276-foot climb
  • Day 7 - Davenport
    • 66 miles
    • 1,604-foot climb

The official route for RAGBRAI 50


On Monday, RAGBRAI officials announced the official route for this year's ride. The map includes all of the smaller towns that riders will be passing through.

Before ending in Davenport, other eastern Iowa towns that will have events and places to take a break from Coralville to Davenport include:

  • Iowa City
  • West Liberty
  • Muscatine
  • Buffalo

Davenport's RAGBRAI logo & tire dip location


The City of Davenport and RAGBRAI Davenport announced that bike riders will be dipping their tires in at Veteran's Memorial Park and the Marquette Street boat ramp.

The City and the committee also released the event logo look featured to the left. The theme for RAGBRAI Davenport is "Be Bold. Ride Gold", in honor of RAGBRAI's 50th anniversary.

The 49th annual Bix 7 race and the 50th RAGBRAI will take place in Davenport on Saturday, July 29th, 2023. If you like to run, register for the Bix 7 here. If you like to bike, register for RAGBRAI here.

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