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Are you looking for some fun and safe to do in the Quad Cities while enjoying some amazing drinks? Mississippi River Distilling Company has cocktail castles and they are so awesome!

During the late fall and winter months, there really isn't a lot you can do outside, until now. Mississippi River Distilling Company in LeClaire has put up a couple of cocktail classics for customers to still enjoy sitting outside on their patio.

Over the weekend to celebrate my birthday, my family rented one of their castles and they were so much fun! These indoor cocktail castles are heated on the inside and still allow you to have a great view of the Mississippi River.

If you're looking to rent a cocktail castle for yourself, it's pretty easy. You can visit their website to reserve yours today. You have a 90 minute time frame to enjoy a cocktail castle. It doesn't cost any money to rent these cocktail castles, but Mississippi River Distilling Company asks those renting the castles to fill a bar tab of $100. That's pretty easy considering how delicious their cocktails and drinks are.

Each castle is limited to 8 people per castle to help social distancing and because of Governor Reynolds' proclamations. In between each use, Mississippi River Distilling Company deep cleans and sanitizes the castles for the next group renting the castles.

Thank you to Mississippi River Distilling Company for a great experience in their cocktail castles! Check out some photos of my experience inside their cocktail castle!

Mississippi River Distilling Company Cocktail Castles

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