Back in June, we learned the first female mountain lion ever found in Iowa was spotted and killed near a farm in the Des Moines area. Now the sightings have come a little bit closer to home.

According to KWQC, the Blue Grass Police Department has received multiple calls about big cat sightings. Last week, a caller spotted one crossing Highway 61near Y48.

My first thought when I heard where it was located was how close that is to Davenport. While I don't think a mountain lion would just casually stroll through downtown, it would be a pretty unsettling sight to see.

The Iowa Department of Natural Resources told the Blue Grass PD that cougars are perfectly safe and the ones spotted are likely looking for a mate. Apparently, they are known to travel up to twenty miles a day during mating season, so it's possible they have already moved out of the area. That gives me a little bit more peace of mind. Can you imagine heading out to the Blue Grass Drive In and having a mountain lion cross the road in front of you?

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