Honey, he's good! But we already knew that about Andy Grammer, didn't we?

We first met him in 2011, with his debut singles "Fine By Me" and "Keep Your Head Up." I can still remember where I was when I first heard "Fine By Me" – I was a lifeguard at the time, and it was a particularly hot day at the pool. The struggle was ridiculously real.

But with "Keep Your Head Up," I don't think of the pool. I think of Pitch Perfect. It was the soundtrack for Aca-Initiation Night, and was somehow both the most joyful and most heartbreaking thing. (Love you forever Benji!)

Since Pitch Perfect, Grammer has gone on to have his songs featured in many, many moments in pop culture. In the last two years, he created hits for icons like Captain Underpants and Curious George.

He also penned "Don't Give Up On Me," which the universe knew was meant for something bigger. Something like "Five Feet Apart," with Cole Sprouse and Haley Lu Richardson.

In short, Andy Grammer is a huge part of the soundtrack of our lives. So obviously I had to talk to him about it. Taking time out of his busy touring schedule to FaceTime, we got into what it's like being a dad – soon to be for a second time! – his favorite soundtracks, and what he wants to do next.

Spoilers: Pixar needs to snatch him up.

Check out the full interview:

Grammer will be back in Illinois this December. You can get tickets here.

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