It seems as though the movie fans have been asking about for years is finally in the works. In a new report from The Hollywood Reporter, screenwriter Chris Bremner has confirmed that National Treasure 3 is officially in pre-production.

The first 'National Treasure' came out  in 2004 and was loved by fans, and got moderately fine scores on Rotten Tomatoes. The second movie 'National Treasure: Book Of secrets' was also loved by fans and got mediocre scores on Rotten Tomatoes. Both made a killing in the box office though making it seem like some day we would get a number three, and that day is sooner rather than later.

The sadest news from this story as of writing this, is that Nicholas is not confirmed, but very little is known about the film at all. It would be hard to believe there would be a 'National Treasure'  without at least an appearance of the actor who was the face of the first two movies.

What we do know about the movie so far is that it is in are-production, and that Bremner is set to write the script. He most recently scripted Bad Boys for Life, another follow-up to a Bruckheimer-produced franchise.

Are you a fan of the National Treasure movies? Will you be seeing it no matter what, or only if Cage is in it?

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