Last week YouTuber Jake Paul had his home raided by the FBI. Many people were shocked to see this. After all he is just a YouTuber. Sure he has done a lot of dumb and immature things much like his older brother, logan Paul, but what could make the FBI come to his home?

Some thought it could be from when Jake Paul was charged for looting during a protest, but that has for the most part been debunked. So what caused this?

No one in the Paul family has commented on this. Jake Paul himself hasn't said anything or even tweeted since August 1st, which for a social media influencers is strange to see.

With so many people left in the dark this has led to new accusations. Many believe Jake Paul is in hot water for his connections with a convicted criminal named "Izadi' or "Izabi Armani."

Many people who lived or knew Jake Paul have been speaking out. One even calming that hundreds of sexual assaults have accrued at Paul's residence. Though nothing has been confirmed, many people are starting to believe it as no new information is being released from the FBI.

All we know is this isn't a YouTube "prank." The FBI has confirmed it's real, and Jake Paul could be in a lot of trouble.

As someone who keeps a close eye on YouTube. I have seen accusations against Jake Paul and his friend from other YouTubers as early as 2018, which leads me to believe this could be true.

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