Kids in the Quad Cities will soon be able to participate in a new flag football league. This league is supported by the NFL and is ran by a former Hawkeye football player. The league will begin this fall at the BettPlex.

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If you have little ones who are in grades 1st through 4th and want to get into football, the TBK Bank Sports Complex and RedZone Football Academy will be offering a youth flag football season this coming fall.

In a press release on Wednesday, the TBK Bank Sports Complex and RedZone Football Academy announced a partnership to create RedZone League Quad Cities, a youth flag football season that will be coming this fall. 

RedZone League Quad Cities is powered by NFL Flag. This will allow participants to be suited up in NFL team-branded uniforms and additional NFL Flag support resources will be provided to organizers, coaches, and participants.

Officials say that during the inaugural season this fall, games will be played on Wednesday nights at the TBK Bank Sport Complex in Bettendorf. The season will be 6-week season which will run in September October.

Dave StowCEO at TBK Bank Sports Complex said in the press release,

“Adding flag football heightens our ability to offer top-quality sports programs and attracts new athletes to our facility. We are thrilled to partner with RedZone to continue to be a central hub for sports of all types in the Quad Cities.”

RedZone Football Academy is an Iowa City based company which is owned and operated by former University of Iowa football player Tyler Blum. Blum has been offering satellite summer camps in the Quad Cities area for 5 years

RedZone League Quad Cities will be a sister-league to RedZone’s first flag football league in the Iowa City area. The Iowa City area league will begin it's 9th season this year, and has more than 600 annual participants in 1st-6th grade.

“We’re thrilled to bring the RedZone brand to the football-hungry communities in the Quad Cities region, and to work in partnership with the TBK Bank Sports Complex staff to host a flag football season at their remarkable property," said Coach Blum. "Backed by the NFL and our decade of experience developing RedZone in Iowa City, we’re proud to offer a flag football experience that features weeknight games under the lights, operations designed to strike a balance between development and competition, objective professional administration, and some fun, fast-paced football action! We’re just so pumped to share the RedZone experience with our neighbors to the east.”

For more information in regard to the 2021 RedZone League Quad Cities season and to sign up, visit

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