Tis the season for scams and scammers to try and steal your information. Most people are aware of scams and how they work, so the target demographic for scams are the old, and very young. Those who may not have had phones for awhile, or are new to the internet. That being said... No one is safe from scam calls.

Here are three that are running strong here in QC right now.

These three all attack in different ways lets start from oldest to newest.

This scam has been around since the first major news broke about Covid-19. It says that someone you know has been infected, and that they need your info to see if you have been in contact with this person. They then say that they will contact you if you are infected and need testing. Going as far as to ask for your your medical info.

The next is the usual Social Security Number call. This year they are saying your number was used in a different country or something weird along those lines. They will ask for your full name to "see" if your name is on the list. I actually got this call and gave a fake name, and they said it was on the list. I immediately hung up. Anything to do with your SSN or with the IRS will not be done over the phone, if they want to contact you they usually send mail.

This one has Moline police warning people about it. They first say you won the lottery, and that they are with "Winners International"  and that they are part of Publisher's Clearing House. Police say the scammers also announced they work for the IRS. This is a lazy scam, but still one to watch out for.

Stay safe out there QC, and don't let the scammers win.

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