Who says teenagers these days are lazy? Honestly when I was a teen, I wanted to ride my bike or skateboard all day with my friends, or play baseball, or video games all day.

Let me introduce you to 12-year-old Liam Willcox from Moline. According to WQAD.com, he has made it his duty to replace tattered U.S. flags around Moline. He has started a business/charity called Flag Restoration Project.

Liam learned proper flag etiquette in school. He saw some tattered flags and thought this isn't right, so he did something about it.

So far, Liam has replaced six flags around Moline, but has his sights set bigger. The whole Q.C. maybe?

If you see or know of a flag that needs replaced, contact Liam through his Facebook page. You can also read more here.

Good job Liam! Proving kids CAN make a difference.

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