To convert downtown roads to two-way or to abstain...that is the question.

The Davenport City Council met this week and gave the green light to continue with the proposal to convert 3rd & 4th Streets in downtown Davenport to two-way. It came after a 2-hour long debate at the council meeting before they voted 6 to 4 to let the proposal move forward. It will have 2 more readings before the council before it's finalized, according to WHBF.

It's Been A Discussion Since The 80's

Proponents say it could make access easier for businesses on the streets. Opponents argue that it's going to mess up traffic flow. My hometown has the exact same ongoing discussion and the same arguments with our downtown area.

Personally, as the one who almost died in a crash on 3rd Street last week, I can understand both sides. Maybe it would make sense to make it a two-way as the lady that hit me was looking the opposite way down 3rd. But clearly, people do good to adhere to current traffic flow laws and it would definitely create incredible confusion and a mess to change it.

What Was Said At Council

Overwhelmingly, folks have told me, they do not want this.

That's what Ward 1 Alderman Rick Dunn told WQAD. However one resident said:

This will improve walkability, which improves this for people who maybe don't have transportation.

It can't go on a ballot. Some residents at the meeting asked if the conversion could be put onto a ballot but officials said that Iowa state law doesn't allow this kind of measure to go on a ballot.

So what's next? We'll see what happens in the proposal's next two readings.

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