We know we have the best listeners but we are in a battle to prove that to our other stations. This is where you come in.

On August 27th, I will rappel 11 stories (140 ft. if you're doing the math) down Hotel Blackhawk for Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Mississippi Valley.

You: donate here to help B100 raise more money for Big Brothers Big Sisters and crush the other stations. I'm v competitive, dear teammates, and I do not lose even family board games. 'Tis the time to bring it. I don't have much fear left in my system at this point so I'm ready to take Spiderman/Kim Possible's job.

What Exactly Am I Donating To?

Over The Edge benefits Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Mississippi Valley. BBBS connects kids ("Littles") with mentors ("Bigs") to help give the kids a strong adult role model and guidance to carry with them for the rest of their lives, and as their vision says: "all youth achieve their full potential". The Littles are ages 7-18. There are events for Bigs and Littles and also resources to help Bigs effectively mentor their Littles. You can get involved in BBBS in other ways than donating if you would like to and become a Big.

BBBS of the Mississippi Valley has events throughout the year, including the Putt-a-Round, their plant sale, a golf outing, Bowl for Kids Sake, and of course, the event that will define an August Saturday: Over the Edge.

Of course, you can come watch us rappel! Not sure when exactly I'll stumble my way down the building but it will be on August 27th at some point that day. It's also the same weekend as downtown Davenport's Alternating Currents festival, bonus reason to come hang out.

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