There's something new this year at the 34th Annual Rod & Custom Car Show this weekend in Rock Island.

Every year at the Rod & Custom car show at the QCCA Expo Center, I look forward to the pin up girls. Their style intrigues me, I think they are amazingly confident and I take away something new that I've learned from them every time I see them.

I absolutely love the pin ups! There are male pinups too and they are equally as fabulous. They embody the nostalgia of older fashions and embrace the unique attitude that comes with living in our world today.

In fact, I was a coffee shop a few years ago when some pinups were having a their full-on vintage outfits. I was so interested in who they were and why they did that, that I quickly became the eavesdropping lady who stared at them. I finally had to say something before they left so they would understand why I was staring at them. We finally ended the night with selfies because that is what you do when you encounter unique people. (I searched and searched my archives for the pics and couldn't locate them. Sorry. I so wanted to share them with you.)

This Saturday at the QCCA Expo Center, Abnernathy's is helping us put on the Legacy Pinup Girl Pageant. It's something new to see at the 34th Annual Rod & Custom car show.

Jenna Wardlow
Jenna Wardlow

Friday is Military Appreciation Day, so bring  your military I.D. and get in free. Get the full list of details and hours of the show here.

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