56 year old Robert Wild, of Marshfield, Wisconsin, was arrested for allegedly stuffing the puppies in a garbage bag and discarding them in a garbage can.

Amazingly enough though, the puppies were found February 28th in a garbage can in Marshfield by a salesman who heard what sounded like kittens coming from the can. Police rescued the puppies and brought them to the shelter, where they, along with their mother, have been living with a foster family.

The Marshfield Area Pet Shelter, which took in the nine Australian Shepherd Labrador puppies after they were saved in late February, will begin accepting adoption applications for the animals beginning Thursday. The application deadline is Friday at midnight, according to the shelter's website. Applications submitted after the deadline will not be considered. The puppies, which were all named after different cheeses, are now almost 6 weeks old. Shelter manager Kaitlin Loberg said the pups are working on puppy pad training and are slowly beginning to understand. They love playing and roughhousing with each other and their squeaky toys, she said.


As for the monster who tossed the pups in the trash, on March 21st, Wood County prosecutors charged Robert M. Wild, 56, of Marshfield, with intentionally mistreating and abusing animals.

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