It feels like items are missing from Walmart stores. Customers in Wisconsin have definitely noticed almost a dozen items are missing from the shelves of a store they shop at a lot.

There are many reasons Wisconsin customers can't find these specific items because Reader's Digest says Walmart has banned them. For one reason or another, Walmart's top people don't want these sold in stores.

Walmart Reports Strong Quarterly Earnings, Beating Expectations
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If you've been shopping at Walmart and feel like you can't find these items, you're not going crazy. What are these 11 items that Walmart banned and why? We have those answers.

Walmart Has Banned These Items

Over the years, Walmart has learned lessons about products that need to be pulled from shelves. These items are forever out of stock and Wisconsin customers are curious as to why. No, you're not going crazy because Reader's Digest confirmed that 11 items are banned from being sold at Walmart stores.

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There’s a reason behind each of the item's disappearances. Either deemed dangerous, unpopular, or just plain inappropriate, these 11 items were banned from Walmart shelves and you’ll likely never see them at Wisconsin Walmart stores.

1. E-cigarettes

Electronic Cigarette Retailers Face Legislative Setback
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Back in 2019, Walmart announced that it was halting all sales of e-cigarettes when its inventory ran out

2. Handguns and some ammunition

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This seems to make sense. When a couple of mass shootings took place at Walmart stores, the company banned the selling of handguns and ammunition for handguns and short-barrel rifles, at all stores. That decision took place in 2019.

3. Zantac

Shipments Of A Generic Zantac Halted After FDA Warns Of Low Level Probable Carcinogen In Zantac And Its Generic Version
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Walmart wasn't the only store to pull Zantac. CVS Health, Walgreens, and Rite Aid also pulled the heartburn drug was discovered to have low levels of a probable cancer-causing chemical.

4. Cocaine Santa sweater

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Whoever designed this sweater knew what they were doing. The most popular ugly Christmas sweater was quickly pulled from racks as fast as they hit them in 2019. Amazon quickly became the spot to find the infamous sweater.

5. Inappropriate teen underwear

Another set of poorly branded clothing was pulled from shelves during the holiday season. In 2007, teen hot-pink bikinis had the words “Who needs credit cards” on the front and “When you have Santa” on the back. They were quickly pulled.

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6. Metro 7 clothes

It was Walmart's first attempt at its own branded clothing. Reader's Digest said it did well in some initial stores but never caught on across the country. That was back in 2005.

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7. Water Gremlin products

When the children of factory workers were found to have elevated levels of lead in their blood, Walmart cut ties with the Minnesota-based company that made fishing sinkers. That also took place in 2019.

8. White Stag

The clothing brand, White Stag, was simply taken off of shelves in favor of the other brands Time and Tru for women, Terra & Sky for plus sizes, and Wonder Nation for kids.

9. “Naughty Leopard” costumes for toddlers


The words "naughty" and "kids" don't go together. While the costume itself looks totally find for a toddler, parents and Walmart customers didn't like the word naughty on the packaging, according to ABC News. Walmart yanked the costume from shelves in 2013.

10. “Someday a woman will be president” T-shirts

Going all the way back to 1995, Walmart at first pulled shirts featuring Dennis the Menace character Margaret with the phrase “Someday a woman will be president!” Walmart pulled the shirts because “the message went against their philosophy of family values,” according to the Washington Post. People weren't happy with that so they put the shirts back in stores.

11. Snack subscriptions

Walmart was actually ahead of its time on this one but never got back into the game. In 2012, Walmart’s Goodies monthly snack subscription was launched where you could get a box of snacks sent to your house monthly for $7 per month. People didn't buy into it then but they surely do now.

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