It's the 2022 Spring Semester and we are heading out to schools with our awesome program with Nothing Bundt Cakes to honor and reward our awesome Quad Cities teachers and educators. It's called QC Teacher of the Week and we are so excited to announce this week's teacher of the week!

It's now time to announce this week's B100 and Nothing Bundt Cakes QC Teacher of the Week!

Congrats go to Mrs. Amy Andersen, who is an ELA teacher at Riverdale Middle School in Port Byron, IL!

QC Teacher of the Week
QC Teacher of the Week Spring 2022

Mrs. Andersen was nominated twice by a student, Miles Petersen. Miles said,

Amy Anderson is my favorite teacher. She teaches at Riverdale Middle School in Port Byron. She teaches 7th grade ELA which is my favorite subject. She is super kind, caring, smart, and fun. She knows how to have a fun class! She is patient, especially with my class, because we have a lot of kids who love to talk. She is one of my all time favorite teachers. She gives interesting assignments. For example, I liked it when we did the story board for the book called Among the Hidden, that was fun.

Mrs. Anderson is my favorite teacher at Riverdale Middle School! She teaches 7th Grade English Language Arts. In her class we learn about different types of books. We have read really good books such as Among the Hidden and Roll of Thunder Hear My Cry. I don’t really like to read at home, but I like to read the books in her class.
She teaches us about writing too. We just learned how to write a good essay. We wrote about teens and social media. She teaches us about challenging sentence modifiers to help our sentences be more informative.
Mrs. Anderson is very fun and kind with all of her students! Even though we have kids who really talk a lot she still likes us and has patience. She makes us laugh every day. When we walk in the classroom everyday she has a joke or a fun holiday written on the board and it makes everyone smile.
She also makes the yearbook for the middle school. She is a very hard worker. Mrs. Anderson is the GOAT! I think she deserves a cake and Teacher of the Week!!!!

Awesome job, Mrs. Andersen! For being our QC Teacher of the Week, Mrs. Andersen has been rewarded with a B100 Prize Pack which included a B100 stocking cap, stickers, Bubbl'r from Pepsi, and more things, plus an awesome cake from Nothing Bundt Cakes


Thank you for your hard work and dedication, Mrs. Andersen!

QC Teacher of the Week
QC Teacher of the Week Spring 2022

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Congrats to all of our Spring semester QC Teachers of the Week of 2022!

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