Are you thinking about a vacation this summer? Get ready to pay more at the pump.

According to CNN Money and WQAD, experts say gas prices are expected to go up 14% this summer from last summer. The National average is expected to be about $2.74 per gallon.

CNN reports the price of oil has climbed because of efforts by OPEC and Russia. Brent crude, the global benchmark, surged 3.5% on Tuesday to $71.04 a barrel, the highest since late 2014. That's already above the EIA forecast of $63 for this summer, suggesting gas prices could go even higher. Brent crude averaged just $51 last summer.

The summer driving season takes place now (April) and runs through September.

West Coast states like Washington, California, Idaho, Nevada, Hawaii, and Alaska are expected to be hit hardest in the wallet. Gas prices there are already over $3 per gallon.


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