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A new job opportunity is available on the Illinois Quad Cities and it involves saying lives.

If you have every been curious on what it's like to be a dispatcher, we have some good news for you. QComm911 in Milan is hiring a full-time Emergency Communications Dispatcher.

A police dispatcher working at console

QComm911 announced the job opening on Tuesday. According to the job listing, their telecommunicators receive extensive training in Police, Fire, and EMS so they can effectively dispatch emergency responders.

QComm911 Dispatchers serve the communities of Moline, Milan, East Moline, Silvis, and Hampton. QComm911 fields hundreds of non-emergency phone calls each week and may coordinate the response for animal control, public works, hazardous weather conditions, as well as many other municipal services. Many times, coordinating those efforts happen at one.

For those who want to apply, they can visit the 'Careers' section of www.qcomm911.org. Applications are being accepted until Saturday, January 23rd, 2021. Starting Wage for  an Emergency Communications Dispatcher is $22.89 per hour, and this is a Full-time position.

According to the listing, employees will be required to work various shifts including afternoons, nights, weekends, and holidays. Overtime for this position may be required as well with little to no notice.

There are benefits included with the Emergency Communications Dispatcher position. Some of those benefits include a Sign-on Bonus (upon successful completion of probation), Paid Time Off, Health/Vision/Dental/Life Insurance, and Retirement Benefits.

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