You never know what a $3 ticket will get you.

When it comes to lottery tickets, I have to be honest, I rarely, if ever, purchase them. I would rather not take my chances on losing money. Even if it is one or two dollars, I just can't bring myself to do it. I have some family members that never miss a chance to buy a ticket 'just in case.'

It's that 'just in case' that gets us every time. And sometimes, that 'just in case' really does pays off. Big time. It happened to a woman in Rock Island. She won $50,000 and plans on using that for retirement.


According to,

"Mollie Campbell bought the $3 “Illinois Lottery Bingo” ticket from Milan Liquor and Tobacco.  For selling the winning ticket, the store was rewarded with a $500 bonus, 1% of the prize amount."

From the money for the ticket to how she's going to use it, is all money well spent.