Alright Quad Cities, let's have a chat. It's fair week and before we continue with it, we need to make sure all drivers are on the same page because from what I've been seeing, we clearly aren't! It's time to remind you all, especially those who drive Locust Street, how to use the center turning lane and move your ass over!

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Let me apologize for the hostility real quick. I have road rage but that's because people can't drive.

As we know, the Mississippi Valley Fair is happening this week, but the inability to not know how to use the center turning lane is an issue that happens year-round. Some would maybe even call it an epidemic.

Some people call it the center left-turn lane, others call it the center turn lane, a turning lane, I call it the "suicide lane" for some reason, but we all know the one I'm talking about. It's there for a reason. That reason, in case you didn't know, is to NOT block traffic while you are turning, and getting the heck out of the way!!!!!!!!!! 

Oh, and to also turn left.

If I see one more person try to turn from the second lane from the right on Locust Street, and cut across the turn lane and two more lanes of traffic, I'm just going to lose my damn mind and walk.

To make sure we are on the same page, you're not clogging traffic, and not getting the middle finger from fellow drivers, let's go over how to properly use a center left-turn lane. There is an instructional video to follow. Not put together by me because I would be just screaming my head off from the frustration.

Let's get to it!

How To Use The Center Left-Turn Lane

  1. When you want to take a left, simply use your blinker to signal to other drivers that you are entering the turn lane.
  2. Enter the turning lane and wait for oncoming traffic to pass you.
  3. Turn the steering wheel to the left, hit the gas, and go.
  • You can use the Center Left-Turn Lane to turn into and wait for oncoming traffic. See the instructional video at the end to know what I'm referring to.

How NOT To Use The Center Left-Turn Lane

  • If you have to turn left with a Center Left-Turn Lane, DO NOT sit there like an idiot and clog up the lane(s) being used for continuous traffic.
  • The Center Left-Turn Lane is NOT meant for passing. It's meant for turning, hence the word 'turn' in it.
  • DO NOT park there. You can't just park in the middle of the road.

For the love of all that is good, please drive like you should, people. It's not that difficult. I know there is a lot of cars on Locust Street and turning lanes seem weird, but don't overthink it.

Thanks for coming to my driving lesson.

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