Toast with red wine, Cano 1Ds mark III

Teens drinking with parents in public may be something we see in the Quad Cities.

Parents. Let's look at this issue. Teen drinking. There are many sides to it. Did you know in 10 other states it is legal as long as teens are with their parents? I was shocked to find that out.

Some kids are going to do it anyway, right? Why not let them do it with you, in a controlled environment, where they are less likely to be a harm to themselves or drink too much and drive? What age is considered 'too young' to drink? There doesn't seem to be a limit on the age, as long as they are with a parent.

This raises a lot of questions about the message it's sending to kids, too. Does the exposure effect their neurodevelopment? What about their emotional development? What about pre-existing components for alcoholism/addiction?

Then there are other cultures in Europe, for example, where wine is served with dinner and everyone has some.

It wouldn't be ok for kids to drink hard liquor, and in other states, the establishment has the the final say-so as to whether or not they would serve a minor.

As of right now, the bill has to pass the House and Senate and then signed by Governor to be put into law.

I can see many sides to this issue but as a Mom, there's something in me that cringes at the thought of introducing alcohol too soon. What are your thoughts?

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