Davenport Police recently offered some tips on how to curtail porch pirates and thieves during the holidays and they're good for you to know.

Porch pirates are the actual worst during the holidays. Just recently, B100's Connor Kenney had suspicious activity around one of his packages, captured on his doorbell camera. A woman from Davenport captured a lot of attention because she dumped an entire honor system Halloween candy bowl into her bag. And now with more packages arriving at your doorstep, you need to be super ready for them to make sure you don't end up a victim of it.

Davenport Police recently did a Q&A on it with KWQC and also the BBB has tips on how to curtail porch pirates too. So here are a few tips:

Require A Signature

This is mainly for the bigger ticket items, according to Davenport Police. It's smart to choose a delivery method that requires your own identification. BBB also has the suggestion of having packages shipped to the store.

Don't Advertise When You're Not Home

If people see you're going to be away from home on social media, they could pop up at your house with less-than-ideal intentions. Davenport Police recommend putting lights on timers and don't put the boxes that presents came in into a recycle bin that folks could rummage through.


Register Your Doorbell Camera With Police

Davenport Police say you should register your doorbell camera with local police so they can have your address in case something shady pops up, to not only help you but also your neighbors. If you don't have a doorbell camera, definitely consider getting one.

Check With Neighbors Or Your Landlord

Some apartment buildings/complexes have locked boxes for package delivery, other times you should use a package pickup spot, according to Davenport Police. If you live in a house, ask your neighbors (or someone like a petsitter) to pick up your mail for you, especially if you have any outstanding packages coming your way.

If You See It Happen, Call 911

Here's what Davenport Police said you should do if you catch a porch pirate redhanded:

That’s the biggest thing to understand is you don’t know how desperate this type of person is that’s already coming up to porch and doing those types of things. So we would encourage everyone to be a good witness call 911. Be able to describe where they’re going which way they’re going. If they’re living in a vehicle get a good description of that good description of the person. It’s whatever like that comfort level is with with you as a person. Like I said, however, they said I would refrain against trying to go out and grab them yourselves.

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