Unfortunately, it seems we're still lightyears away from ever actually landing humans on Mars (pun only slightly intended). It's just not habitable quite yet. But that doesn't mean your name can't be associated with the planet.

In 2020, NASA is sending another rover up there. This one will carry a microchip with the names of millions of Earth's residents. Among them? Brad Pitt.

The rover, which is currently unnamed itself, is expected to launch next summer from Cape Canaveral, and reach Mars in February 2021. So though your body won't be there, your name can be! And when Martian archaeologists find it thousands of years from now, how cool will that feel?

Here's the thing; you need to submit your name soon. Tonight kind of soon. Submissions are only being taken until 10:59 p.m. CST tonight, September 30th. You can submit your name here.

As of writing this, Illinois is the 5th most represented state on the microchip!

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