Ever since the pandemic began and gyms have closed, it’s been hard to remain active. The “quarantine fifteen” became a reality for many people, which is nothing to be ashamed of! These are hard times, sometimes you just want to eat macaroni and cheese for three days in a row, do what makes you happy. But, staying active is also important.

Exercising releases endorphins which are your body’s natural feel good chemical, the same thing that creates the feeling of “runner’s high”. This is very important especially now; with all the mandatory isolation and social distancing it’s not uncommon that more and more people are feeling blue. It’s hard enough to stick with a workout schedule during normal conditions but with local gyms closing, the goal to avoid exposure to COVID and the cold weather setting in, it feels impossible. But don’t fret, there are lots of ways to stay active while also keeping yourself and others safe.

Home workouts require creativity. Very few of us have all the resources of a gym in the comfort of our homes but there are so many ways to keep yourself moving. I myself live in the second floor of an apartment building so I’ve had to come up with ways to move without creating an excessive amount of noise for my downstairs neighbors.

Tiktok is surprisingly one of the best platforms to utilize if you are looking for easy workouts to do at home. There are videos explaining the exercises, supportive community members, and an added bonus is they usually provide you with amazing workout playlists that help keep you motivated.

There are also countless Quad City virtual events, you can find those here.

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