The Centennial Bridge connecting Rock Island to Davenport is changing.

According to, the bridge will be re-dedicated on July 17th at 1pm, and renamed "Master Sgt. Stanley Talbot Memorial Bridge"

Master Sgt. Stanley Talbot was killed during a roadside safety check on June 23, 2001.

Construction of the bridge began in 1938 and it opened on July 12, 1940 as a toll bridge. The bridge cost $1.75 million to construct. It was designed by Ash-Howard-Needles & Tammen and built by the American Bridge Company, McCarthy Improvement Company, and Priester Construction Company. It was originally going to be named the "Galbraith Bridge", after Rock Island's mayor at the time, Robert Galbraith. He suggested it be named the Centennial Bridge, in commemoration of the city of Rock Island's centennial.

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