It's time for a rant boys and girls. So, I'm all about evolution. It has to happen and I get it. It's Wes vs. the parking ramp.

I went to dinner in downtown Davenport Friday night with my date and some friends before I went to Purgatory's Pub.

We were running a few minutes late partially because I had to find one of those pay kiosks. There were no signs anywhere as to where a kiosks was. We were on the ground level. Finally I found one and it said it needed my license plate number. I have no idea what that is. Who commits their plate number to memory? Then when I found one it wasn't easy to use and slow.

I was getting angry at the machine. Pry could have been because we were running late for our reservation. As we were walking to the restaurant I saw a flier that there is a downloadable app so I can skip the kiosk. WTH! How come I didn't know about this?

PS...shot out to the staff at the Phoenix in Downtown Davenport! Dinner was amazing.

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