Body cameras have become a helpful addition for many US police forces to help keep themselves and the public accountable. According to the Dispatch Argus, the Rock Island Police Department has been utilizing the cameras on each of their 61 officers since April.

This past week, Rock Island PD also started using tactical helmets on 20-22 of their officers. The helmets hold mounted cameras and help protect officers from ballistics. Tasers have also become part of the police department's standard equipment, although the PD Chief notes in the story that officers have not had to utilize them yet.

All of the new equipment comes with a hefty price tag, with body cameras costing just over $500,000 over the course of five years, but city gaming money is footing the bill. The tactical helmets cost around $19,000.

I definitely think body cameras are a good idea, especially considering many situations across the US lately where officers have had to utilize lethal force on civilians. It's always better to have your bases covered. The tactical helmets may prove to be slightly more controversial since I could see how some people might view the equipment as unnecessary. Tasers, however, seem like a great alternative to having to use more harmful force.

Check out more info about the new equipment here.

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