The stories I have heard from the last 24 hours have all been from the Quad Cities area.My kids keep asking me if I've been hearing about the clowns.

"No kids, that stuff isn't real." I replied.

Then came the stories. Clowns walking around at night, scaring Quad Citians, some carrying bats with nails driven in the ends. Vandalism, car and house windows being smashed, kids terrified to be out at night and talking about it in the hallways at school.

It sounded like something right out of a scary movie. It reminded me of the men in black sightings that were going on earlier this summer in the QC area.

Of course, it doesn't help my Mom-brain wrap around this any easier when the stories out of Des Moines and Cedar Rapids pop up on social media.


As it turns out, other states are experiencing this scary-clown phenomena as well. I've heard of stories from North Texas and even some arrests in NYC due to this clown hoax.

This matter is being taken seriously. As my boss said, "You know what to do if a scary clown attacks you? Hit him in the juggler!" (Thanks, he'll be here all week, maybe.)