A Davenport house that's on the market is drawing attention for it's fixer-upper looks.

A group on Facebook, called "Nightmare On Zillow Street", looks at different homes in different parts of the country that have pretty rough listing pictures. In the last few months, there has been one in Geneseo and one in Garner.

Now, a house in Davenport has landed on the list and made a splash in the group.

Some features that might put a home in the "Nightmare On Zillow Street" group are things like weird decor, mysterious stains everywhere, clearly rotting or inferior infrastructure, complete lack of cleanliness, etc. They are houses that you would see and just think "oof."

Some comments on the available Davenport home include:

It’s a shame because it looks like it was a super cute place at one point


Well That escalated from 0-100 quickly….

It's true, the house (which is a duplex) is very cute in layout and outside. It is located at 2239 W. 4th Street and was built in 1900, according to the listing on Trulia, and is a 4 bed, 2 bath. It's a side-by-side duplex (so each unit has separate utilities) with a fully fenced backyard. It has a two-car garage and some additional parking spaces. It's listed for $29,900 and was put on the market 20 days ago, according to Trulia.

The house is definitely a fixer-upper, and definitely should've been winterized, but it is a cute home, especially outside. Scroll down to see pics of the available Davenport home that's been considered a "Nightmare On Zillow Street"!

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