It appears that Elon Musk and Grimes may be having a baby together. The announcement came from the singer Grimes in a NSFW photo on Instagram the other day. The original post was taken down according to Celebrity Insider and then re-uploaded with censors on it.

Some speculate that this could be a troll or meme, based on how weird the picture was, but Grimes went out of her way to talk to others about it in the comments, making it seem like she was excited. At the time of writing this, Elon has not commented on the post, but he is also known for making jokes on the internet, so for now we are left guessing if they are pregnant or not. His most recent post was actually a border line dad joke.

If Grime's post is true, this will be Elon Musk's sixth child. He has five more from a previous marriage with his first wife, Canadian author Justine Wilson. This will be Grime's first child. Elon and Grime have been dating since at least 2018.

Elon has be making waves with his new Tesla Truck, and multiple other projects. Many of those taking place all over the world. It will be interesting to see what a child would add to that.

If the post is fake, then its just a joke that we fell for, or it could be an attempt to get a bit more attention, rumor has it the singer Grimes will be having a new song coming out soon. Could this just be an attempt at more clout?

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