It's been a brutal winter, to say the least. Remember when we thought we were skipping winter this year, since it was so warm so late in the year? It was a happier time. Now, we're dealing with unpredictable forecasts, and surprise snow or ice storms every few days.

It's made traveling particularly difficult, and morale has been low. But more than that, Mother Nature is starting to seriously hurt local Quad Cities businesses. Earlier this week, a message from local healthy-eating spot Cinnamon-N-Sage appeared on Facebook:

In the post they note that they "know of at least 5 restaurants that have closed in the last 3 months in the Quad Cities area." Among those businesses was Ann-Wich, a gluten-free sandwich shop – the first of its kind in the Quad Cities.

According to KWQC, local business owners note that January and February are always tough, but this weather has made it even worse. People just aren't leaving the house.

The good part is, helping is easy! You already have to leave the house for work right? Well, this week, maybe consider taking your lunch break locally!

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