Hope you enjoyed the sunny, 60-degree weather today.

A harsh reminder that it's still, technically, winter is coming on Wednesday night into Thursday morning. The National Weather Service is predicting a rain/snow mix for said days, with an 80 percent chance of precipitation overnight Wednesday. It's hard to say exactly if or how much snow will occur since temperatures will be close to freezing, but may not get cold enough. Those north of us have a higher chance of seeing snow accumulation.

Either way, it's most likely going to be messy on Thursday morning. This weekend going into next week also looks questionable, with possible snow showers Sunday night and Monday. And adding insult to injury, temperature lows are back in the twenties by Thursday night. Ugh.

The forecast could change between tonight and tomorrow, so keep that in mind. Let's all hope temps stay well above freezing so we don't have to deal with snow and/or ice. I don't know about you, but I am ready to put my shovel away for the season.

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