This is one of my biggest fears come to life. This thought pops into my head whenever I go on vacation. "What if someone breaks in while I'm gone." This case however is a bit different. The break in occurred, but the criminal stayed at the scene.

This happened Sunday September 20th, after a couple returned home after a few days away. They really found a stranger just sleeping in their home!

Davenport police responded to this call Sunday in the 10 block of Hillcrest Avenue. The homeowners were gone for a few days and told police the stranger may have been in the home for a few days.

Just the thought of that makes me want to deep clean my house and throw everything out. With COVID-19 still in our minds this case just makes my skin crawl.

Thankfully No injuries were reported. It appears that the subject broke a window to gain entry, and sadly damage was reported. Officers on scene identified the person involved, and charges have been filed pending county attorney review.

Make sure you're staying safe out there Quad Cities, and keep an eye out for broken windows.

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