What's your typical Sunday morning like? Do you sleep in, or are you up early and headed to church? For some who do the latter, things could be changing a bit. As of this week, churches are no longer required to offer Sunday services.

I'll admit, I did not realize that this was an actual rule churches had to follow. But, according to Canon law, Sunday services have been explicitly necessary for hundreds of years. (Seriously, the rule dates back to 1603). If a church wanted to cancel Sunday services, they needed express permission from a bishop.

But, especially in recent years, many churches have seen huge declines in attendance. Acknowledging this, plus the fact that many priests are in charge of multiple churches these days, the church of England officially stripped the rule on Thursday.

Now, this doesn't mean that your church is going to suddenly be closed every Sunday. It just means that they'll have the option of canceling services if and when they need to, much easier than before.

What do you think of the change? Did you know it was a rule to begin with?

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