By no means am I complaining about how we're going to get summer-like conditions to wrap up our February. We'll see well-above-normal temperatures in Illinois, Iowa, and the rest of the Midwest region as we start to get into spring.

If you haven't started wearing shorts or t-shirts right out of the house when you go to work yet, you'll be able to very soon. Sure, it won't stick around but let's enjoy it while we can.


It's Going To Heat Up Big Time

I'm not sure if that little groundhog has superpowers or what, but it's exciting that we'll be in the 70s at the end of February.

NOAA and the National Weather Service have been saying that we should expect above-normal temperatures even into early March. The 6-10-day temperature outlook has Illinois and Iowa completely covered in dark red. Normally that's not a good thing, but this time, it is.


Feeling Like Summer... In February!

How hot is it going to get? If you've been missing temperatures in the 70s, you'll like this news. We will have a slight cooldown before we get warmer temps.

Summer background, wonderful blue sky with bright sun

Tuesday, February 27th looks like it will be the warmest day. We'll see highs in the low 70s, according to both KWQC and the NWS. Expect early morning showers on Tuesday with a high of 72° (TV6 had the higher number so we're going with them).

Will We Set A Record?

We possibly could set the record for the warmest Feb. 27th on record and the warmest February day on record. If we get to 72° or above, we'll set that daily record. If we get to 75° or above, we'll have the warmest February day on record.


If we do reach the high of 72° on Tuesday, that will be 44.3° above normal. See what our forecast is calling for through Wednesday, Feb. 28, according to the NWS:

  • Friday
    • Increasing clouds, with a high near 48.
    • West wind 5 to 15 mph, with gusts as high as 25 mph.
  • Saturday
    • Sunny, with a high near 43.
  • Sunday
    • Sunny, with a high near 60.
  • Monday
    • Sunny, with a high near 67.
  • Tuesday
    • A 30 percent chance of showers. Mostly sunny, with a high near 71.
  • Wednesday
    • A 50 percent chance of rain. Partly sunny, with a high near 50.

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