Brian Jackson

One of the best ways to find a tasty meal is through Yelp, where diners can rate and review different restaurants in their area. We checked out how Yelp ranked restaurants in Davenport, and for the most part, I think the list is pretty accurate. I like seeing so many local bars/cafes/bakeries represented. From wood fire grilled pizza to burgers; upscale dining to Asian cuisine, Davenport has no shortage of delicious eatery choices.

Keep in mind that this list was compiled with user reviews, so you might not agree with it one hundred percent. Two different people can have two very different experiences at the same restaurant. Still, I think Yelp is a handy resource for finding good restaurants when traveling, or when you're looking to try a new place in your own city.

A review of the most highly rated Davenport restaurant, Sippis:

"Wow! First time I've been and very impressed. The menu was very extensive and our server was attentive and helpful...Looking forward to my next visit."

-Tina R.

Check out the rest of the restaurant reviews here.


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