You always hope that you'll never need to call the fire department. If you do, it means something has probably gone pretty wrong. But you can rest easy, knowing that the next time you need the Davenport Fire Department, they'll be able to help even more effectively than usual.

Thanks to a national $25,000 grant, firefighters in Davenport have three new thermal imaging cameras. These will help them find people in a burning building, as well as show them hidden hot spots that might pop up.

According to Our Quad Cities, each one of the cameras costs just about $8,000. At such a high price, the city of Davenport itself couldn't afford them. They would've had to wait much longer for the equipment.

This is the second time a grant has favored the DFD. Last summer, a different grant helped the department buy new self-contained breathing apparatuses.

So when you put in the call, have faith. They're working with the best!

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