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Olga Nayashkova

It's National Pizza Month and to celebrate that, we wanted to know what each states favorite pizza topping is. When it comes to the Quad Cities, it depends on what side of the river you are on.

To find out what each states favorite pizza topping is, we turn to our friends at Zippia. They looked at Yelp, and tracked the amount of nationwide pizza orders placed on Yelp and Eat24. They then filtered the orders by state to figure out which topping was each states favorite.

According to Zippia, 29 states said that their favorite topping is cheese. I know a lot of people, including myself, who would argue that cheese really isn't a topping. I mean there is always cheese on pizza, unless you are lactose intolerant. But to just order cheese pizza? That's like getting a hamburger with literally just the bun.

BBQ chicken beat out pepperoni with BBQ chicken being 7 states favorite topping, and only 2 states going with pepperoni.

They found that Domino’s, Pizza Hut, and Little Caesar’s (in that order) have the most pizza sales. Zippia also found that the pizza delivery driver only makes $9.95 an hour and drives 75 to 100 miles a shift.

What are Iowa's and Illinois' favorite pizza toppings? Zippia found that Illinois is like 28 other states and prefers cheese as their favorite topping. Iowans are a little spunky and find taco to be their favorite pizza topping. I could go for some taco pizza right now...

Zippia also wanted to find out which states had the most pizza places. To do that, they turned to PMQ Magazine for data on pizza restaurants per capita. Zippia assumed that the more pizza places per captia, the more pizza lovers there were in the state.

This is what Zippia found:

Zippia found that Illinois only has 2 pizza joints per capita. This landed them at #29. Iowa on the other hand lands pretty high on this list. Iowa has 3 pizza places per capita and landed at #5 on their list. There is a lot of pizza lovers in Iowa!

For more details on Zippia's study, click here.

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