A 40 year old woman named Tessica Brown put Gorilla Glue in her hair for a TikTok and is now getting support all over the internet with people saying she should sue.

Brown posted on her Instagram and TikTok about her “bad, bad, bad idea” to replace her usual hair glue with Gorilla Glue to keep her slick ponytail style intact and devoid of flyaways. The argument is that while the can says not to use on skin it doesn't say not to use on hair. Which is an interesting point, but has a few holes.

One user on TikTok joked,

"My microwave doesn't say NOT to put my cat in it, so if my cat died because of the microwave can I also sue?"

Other TikTokers shared their thoughts.

@hershiiliqcourReply to @boneyardbaddie not if you got common sense as can read...♬ original sound - Hershii LiqCour

Many are saying she should have used more critical thinking, but I am just glad she is getting help. According to AJC she is getting treatment. She has been sharing her journey here. 

Gorilla Glue also released a statement.   

The responses are mostly in favor of Tessica Brown criticizing the Glue for being dangerous. Over all the people seem to be split 50/50. Which is shocking to some, seeing as though this product is clearly not meant to be used on the body at all.

@hershiiliqcour Where did you go to school to be a Lawyer sir ICDC college!? ♬ original sound - Hershii LiqCour

You can see her original video here:

@im_d_olladyStiff where????? Ma hair♬ original sound - Tessica Brown

While I personally think Gorilla Glue is not at fault, I and many others are wishing Brown a speedy recovery.

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